Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Football and Fashion

In my view there has never been a really good fashion film nor one on football. Pret a Porter horrified the fashion industry despite insider collaboration and Escape to Victory (which is going to be remade!) is probably the only film with a footballing element anyone really remembers. I vaguely recollect the Sean Bean one When Saturday comes (1996).

It appears that documentaries fair better, think The September Issue. What would I give to create a football documentary of the note of the former. My stars would have to be Jose Mourinho, currently the Inter Milan coach and Josep Guardiola the Barcelona coach. not only would I get to travel to two of my favourite cities but I would be examining the phenomena of the real men who set fashion standards.

Jose Mourinho

Josep Guardiola

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Ah rejection!

This post is one where I admit to being rejected from the emerging film maker's tent for Cannes this year. It was looking good to start with, but my short film was culled for the final selection.

Which prompts me to consider and discuss the merits of always spending time and money on attempting to be shown, rather than moving onto the next project.

I'm thinking I need to move on and work on getting my current project off the ground even though I didn't receive any funding for the script development from the UK Film Council. Ouch!

What do you do in these situations?