Sunday, 29 June 2008


Diva Trailer (1981)

A bit of a theme emerging with the second selection being another French film. It differs greatly from Truffant's 'Jules et Jim' but it is considered a new wave film. Often referred to as a New new wave film.

Diva is probably one of the coolest films I've seen, director Beineix introduced the audience to loft house apartments before anyone knew they needed to live in one, quirkiness on a grand scale, individualism and diversity in fashion before other film directors. The wardrobe could be described as a malfunction with its range of punkishness, the ska influenced psuedo classic look of the hitmen to the Grecian classical outfits of the opera singer and the youth new wave street look of Jules, the main character.

The wardrobe led the way for the French and Western society in general to accept the major changes and influence that was to come from a wider cultural mix due to immigration and the youth street style culture. The film caputures perfectly the blend of traditional with pioneering clothing.

Diva received a mutated response in France but gained critical acclaim a year later when released in the States. It is a cult classic. The character of Alba, a Vietnamese shoplifter predates Madonna's Susan in 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. That's how cool Diva is, everyone stole from it.

Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez is stunning as the opera diva.