Thursday, 22 January 2009

Do old school screen stars have all the glamour?

Shot by Annie Leibovitz in the Bahamas, Sean Connery stars in the new Louis Vuitton ad campaigns. At 78 he looks cool and exudes glamour -is this due to a nostalgic view of the past? Is he still the greatest James Bond ever? And would you buy a bag from this man on the beach in the Bahamas!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I think it certainly works, Louis Vuitton and Annie got it spot on here!!

Perfumeshrine said...

What a lovely blog idea for a cinemaniac like me :-))

Thanks for this amazing photo!
That man always exudes class and style IMO, no matter what. He has a certain very erect, very masculine physique that matches his not-trying-too-hard expression and thus is always chic. It helps that Annie is such a great photographer too!

(remember that line by Goldie Hawn in "First Wives Club"? About women having three ages in roles in cinema, but Sean being a stud even at 70?)

enc said...

I'm of the mind that Old School is superior. I can't get into the new, young actors. I hope this changes, though, because the Old Schoolers are aging.

That said, I think I'm much more forgiving about who plays James Bond than most (but I'm not into R.M.). That may be because I'm American, not a Brit.