Monday, 22 June 2009

You what!

Gosh, producing, writing and directing your own film is hard work.
My biggest pain at the moment is cameraman/person/whatever! Seriously trying to make someone stick is like the worst unsticking envelope flap bit ever. I have two options on the go and seriously need a plan c if I'm going to shoot my little baby. Crew and actors are in place but the logistical organisation of shooting isn't progress because I can't pin a camera person down to commit even with wads of cash in their face - AGH!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-poor you, persevere, you will get there!!

Make Do Style said...


Anonymous said...

Cameramen can ruin you but ultimately they are your best friends. I've only had luck with mine but have heard some horror stories.

Maybe the problem is not the money, but how they feel things might go down. Cameramen like actors, want to know that they're gonna be appreciated and loved and that they're gonna have a say too.

The problem with being a director is that there are far too many reach arounds to give, it's just exhausting.

I think they may just need a little more romancing.
keep looking and you'll land one.

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