Saturday, 5 June 2010

SATC2 - the romp fest

Yes all the best film critics have panned SATC2 but in general they are all men. In fact the whole movie business is male dominated. But that is another subject. So why don't they like SATC2. Well it falls outside the whole cinematographic, narration, plot and moralistic vanguard of Hollywood.
I don't think for one minute it is a good film in the sense of narrative, character development, cinematography, script or can hold a candle to my top ten but....films aren't always about Oscars and guess what they aren't always about men.

What does SATC2 deliver? Firstly you know as a women it will include fashion, friends and probably some fun. It is a female film regardless of the merits of dialogue, story etc. The main characters are women, the conversations are similar and familiar even if the setting isn't. And yes the whole Islamic thing maybe a bit trite but at least they've been inclusive and attempted to tackle it. I did find the Carrie conversation with her personal butler the most endearing element. Take away the slightly romanticised version and the reality is that men and women all over the world are separated from the white middle class view of family due to poverty. At least SATC2 didn't say working in call centre is good and dealing drugs is bad a la poverty porn Slumdog Millionaire.

I went as a cynic to the cinema and got a very entertaining evening. I had a wonderful visionary feast of costume, furniture and jewellery. I laughed, it was easy to watch and well blimey Aiden and Mr Big!

I felt I was transported to another era - when melodrama and comedy were made to entice women to the cinema. When people got dressed up to go out to see a film rather than slapping on their ugg boots. I wore a maxi skirt, my Top Gun t-shirt and lovely sandals. It is not often that you get to see older women dressed up to the nines on screen and making fun of the menopause. In fact talking a lot about the menopause. Kim Cattrall was brilliant.

Sometimes film is an experience wider than the screening and despite my reservations of the merits of this franchise, I'm firmly thinking keep annoying the critics and keep giving us some fun and frolics.


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I love that one of the themes rippling through the story line was that Big wanted to watch "old black and white" movies. That Carrie uses Claudette's leg flashing idea to save the day is a testament to the quality and truth of those old flickers. A few one liners, fabulous clothes and a stunning location seem to be all that's required if you have the star power of SJP behind you. Maybe I should submit a screenplay to Michael Patrick King.

enc said...

I had a good time at the film, but was forewarned that the plot was weak. I just went with a friend to enjoy the fashion, friends, and fun, because that's our tradition.

We "oohed" and "aahed" over the fashion and had mindless fun.

WendyB said...

Agree with you 100% of course!

Sequins and Lace said...

I loved this film, and the die for!

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{ I V Y } said...

i wanna see this !

Stella said...

Males make up the majority of critics, but I have not seen a single review by a notable female critic who remotely liked it. Fashion porn is entertaining but no excuse for a movie.

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I love sex in the city

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I enjoy watching the film but i think its inadequate.

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